Controlling Bear Baiting in Grizzly Habitat

Controlling Bear Baiting in Grizzly Habitat Hundreds of pounds of human foods, such as doughnuts and bread, do not belong in the wild. But some hunters use these foods to attract and shoot black bears in a practice known as bear baiting. Not only does the practice...

Protecting Oregon’s beavers and salmon from Wildlife Services

Protecting Oregon’s beavers–and salmon–from Wildlife Services It may sound strange, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services regularly kills Oregon’s official state animal–beavers—with traps, snares, and firearms. In Oregon, beavers on...

Protecting Amphibians in the Sierra Nevada

Protecting Amphibian Critical Habitat in the Sierra Nevada High elevation meadows and streams in the Sierra Nevada Mountains provide important habitat for the Yosemite toad and Sierra Nevada mountain yellow-legged frog, both of which are threatened with extinction....
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