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We have a highly experienced team of attorneys and policy experts who work close to the ground from offices in Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico, and Colorado. As a public interest law firm, WELC does not charge clients and partners for services, but relies instead on charitable gifts from individuals, families, and foundations to accomplish our mission.

Defending Wildlands
The western U.S. is defined by its natural heritage of wildlands, rivers, forests, and wildlife. Since its inception, WELC has worked hard to preserve and restore these unique characteristics.
Protecting Wildlife
Understanding that the future of the western U.S. means little without its iconic wildlife, WELC is dedicated to protecting native animals while preserving and restoring the healthy, functioning natural ecosystems they call home.
Safeguarding Climate
Our world is warming, with dire consequences to the communities, lands, rivers, and wildlife of the western U.S. But, as the saying goes, in every crisis rests opportunity.

Regional Resilience

The Western Environmental Law Center is leveraging the concept of resilience—the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and to reorganize while retaining essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks—through expanded, urgently needed legal advocacy designed to achieve our vision: a western U.S. with thriving, resilient wildlands, waters, and wildlife; a region powered by clean, renewable energy; and communities that are rooted in an ethic of conservation.

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