Representing Montana youths in a fight for their future

Montana is one of only a handful of states that recognizes a constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment, including the climate. With our partners at Our Children’s Trust and the McGarvey Law Offices, we are representing 16 youths who, like us, believe Montana supporting and promoting a fossil fuel-driven energy system that contributes to the climate crisis violates these rights. This year, we’ll be in court advancing the first youth climate case to go to trial in U.S. history. The trial aspect is important because it’s very easy for a judge to read court filings about why a government is harming people’s rights to a livable climate via its energy policies, but it’s a much different thing to look a child in the eyes and tell them their rights are not being violated as our climate changes.

Our trial will be held in Helena, Montana, June 12-23, 2023.

16 youth climate plaintiffs fighting for a livable future

Photos by Robin Loznak; courtesy of Our Children’s Trust

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