Protecting Amphibians in the Sierra Nevada's Meadows

Protecting Amphibians in the Sierra Nevada’s Meadows

High elevation meadows and streams in the Sierra Nevada between Yosemite National Park and the John Muir Wilderness in California are suffering from extensive cattle grazing.

Cattle are trucked up into the meadows from private ranches to graze on Forest Service allotments, fouling the water and harming the Yosemite toad and Sierra Nevada mountain yellow-legged frog, both of which are threatened with extinction. Cattle have caused bacteria levels in the streams that violate state water quality standards, and the Forest Service has failed to exclude cattle from breeding and foraging habitat for the toad and frog.

We’ve filed suit to fight to prohibit grazing in wet meadows and along streams to protect the water quality and endangered animals that live there.

Photo by Victor Alm.