Erasing Pendley’s Anti-Public Lands Legacy on 6.25M Acres

Erasing Pendley’s Anti-Public Lands Legacy on 6.25 Million Acres William Perry Pendley’s tenure as acting secretary of the Department of the Interior was defined by his desire to take public lands away from regular people and privatize them. The Trump...

Career Opportunity: Wildlands and Wildlife Staff Attorney

ABOUT THE WESTERN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CENTER The Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) is a leading nonprofit, public-interest environmental law firm. WELC has been celebrated as an Outside Magazine Best Place to Work, Oregon Business Magazine Best Nonprofit, a Law360...

Preserving A Natural Marvel at Mount St. Helens

Protecting a Natural Marvel at Mount St. Helens The Pumice Plain – the blast zone of Mount St. Helens in Washington state – is unique on planet Earth. Nowhere else can we observe the natural formation of new land and the reemergence of plants and animals to form an...
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