Restoring Gray Wolf Protections Nationwide

Restoring Gray Wolf Protections Nationwide Wolves belong. They were here for millennia before settlers nearly succeeded in eradicating them from the so-called “New World.” Always survivors, wolves held on, narrowly staving off extinction and embarking on a...

Preventing Northern Spotted Owl Extinction

Preventing Northern Spotted Owl Extinction Federally designated critical habitat is just that — critical to the survival of imperiled plants and animals, and protected to aid in recovery of the species. For the northern spotted owl, an icon of the Pacific Northwest...

Helping Lynx Recover Nationwide

Helping Lynx Recover Nationwide The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) is entrusted with the important duty of helping threatened species like Canada lynx recover to healthy levels. Recovery plans are one of the most important tools for ensuring the survival...
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