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STATEMENT: President signs historic climate legislation

Today, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, a long-awaited bill with transformative climate, energy, and environmental provisions. Research group Energy Innovation estimates that for every ton of carbon this bill adds to the atmosphere, the...

Court victory for clean water and state regulators in California

Today, a panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overruled the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), re-establishing California’s right to protect water quality in the Yuba, Bear, and Merced River Watersheds for the next 40 years....

WELC ANALYSIS: Inflation Reduction Act’s forest provisions

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate announced an historic agreement designed to reduce inflation, combat the climate crisis, and provide needed funding for essential government programs. Included in the package are significant investments in federal land management and...

WELC ANALYSIS: Inflation Reduction Act’s climate provisions

Late yesterday, Leader Schumer announced a tentative deal for Senate Democrats to pass a bill called the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a long-awaited bill with important climate, energy, and environmental implications. The legislation would make substantial investments...

Local communities applaud Lujan Grisham administration’s support for water protections for northern New Mexico streams

Conserving watersheds will preserve clean water, cultural history, traditional irrigation, outdoor recreation Contacts: Tannis Fox, Western Environmental Law Center, 505-629-0732, Roberta Salazar, acequia parciante, executive director of Rivers...

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“These are kitchen-table issues that mean the difference between thriving and just trying to survive.”
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Working to #CutMethane pollution from the oil & gas industry is one of the best tools we have to tackle the #ClimateCrisis, but we must act NOW. It's time for @EPA to publish a strong draft rule by the end of summer. We cannot waste any more time.

STATEMENT (in anticipation): @POTUS signs historic #climate legislation

"Today we celebrate. But we do so with clear hearts & minds. The #InflationReductionAct provides game-changing investments in clean energy, but also props up the oil & gas industry."

President Biden @POTUS

Later today, with the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act into law, we make history.

Chaco Canyon, arguably one of the most sacred Indigenous site in North America - is under attack.

These fracking wells, just miles from Chaco, extract millions of dollars in crude oil and natural gas and spew methane pollution and sour gas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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