Gray Wolf

We aim to safeguard and recover wolves across the West.

More about the Gray Wolf

Grizzly Bear

We are fighting to ensure that grizzly bears remain in the West.

More about the Grizzly Bear

Wild Salmon

We seek to recover and restore the West Coast’s wild salmon and steelhead runs.

More on Wild Salmon


We are in court to secure much-needed protections for this fierce icon of the wild.

More about the Wolverine

Canada Lynx

We are committed to helping Canada lynx thrive throughout their historic Western range.

More about Canada Lynx

Protecting Wildlife

We are dedicated to protecting the West’s native wildlife while preserving and restoring the healthy, functioning ecosystems they rely on for survival. Wildlife program focuses on animals indigenous to the American West including Canada lynx, Mexican gray wolves, wild salmon, grizzly bears, northern spotted owls, wolverine, and Pacific gray wolves.

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