Ensuring the Public's Right to Know - Pesticide Reform

In a long campaign with Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides the Western Environmental Law Center has sought full disclosure of active and inert ingredients in pesticides to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Challenge to Bush Administration Foot-Dragging on Species Protection

The Bush administration has been using a legal loophole in the Endangered Species Act (the “warranted but precluded” clause) to delay listing of hundreds of species which it has acknowledged need protection, effectively allowing these species and their habitat to spiral downhill towards extinction.  In a case lead by Meyer & Glitzenstein, the Western Environmental Law Center is helping to represent a coalition of conservation groups trying to undue this bureaucratic logjam to allow these species and their habitats to get the protections they deserve.

Defending Communities and Waterways Against Aerial Spraying

In the spring of 2003, the Western Environmental Law Center helped a local organic dairy farmer stop aerial spraying and curtail truck spraying for adult mosquitoes in Gem County, Idaho.

Wildlife corridors protection

Working the halls of state legislatures, Congress and the White House for wildlife corridors protection.

WELC is taking advantage of the friendlier climate in Washington and in some state governments towards environmental protection, and is aggressively advocating for protection of wildlife at every opportunity. As both an organizer of the conservation community and a source of substantive expertise, WELC is advocating for federal agencies to develop a robust ecological connectivity strategy in response to Climate Change under developing “adaptation” frameworks and initiatives.

Participating in the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

WELC is a member of the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC), a group of more than 70 western and national non-profit, public, and private organizations. RVCC includes rural community advocates, environmentalists, business owners, federal and state land managers, and researchers working to address common issues surrounding public forest management.

Conservationists’ Win Upheld in Nat’l Cotton Council v. EPA

6th Circuit denies pesticide industry’s request for rehearing

The 6th Circuit today issued an order denying the pesticide industry’s petition for rehearing in National Cotton Council v. EPA, No. 06-4630. The order effectively upholds the Court’s earlier finding that pesticide residuals and biological pesticides constitute pollutants under the Clean Water Act.

Coalition Challenges EPA Over Pollution from Ships, Aircraft and Non-road Engines

EPA fails to regulate major sources of global warming pollution

Washington, D.C. - A day after the US Senate voted to uphold the US Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases, a coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit today challenging EPA’s failure to address such pollution from ocean-going ships, aircraft and nonroad vehicles and engines used in industrial operations.

Keeping the Northern Rockies Connected (press release)

The Western Environmental Law Center has successfully preserved what is, according to expert biologists, one of the best remaining places for critical wildlife movement along the entire Continental Divide.

"We will continue to protect this critical linkage in the Northern Rockies for wildlife that is threatened by resource extraction, sprawl, energy development and energy transmission lines" says Greg Costello, Executive Director of WELC.

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