Governor Inslee Hosts Washington Youth Petitioners To Discuss Their Climate Case Against The Department of Ecology (Press Release 7/20/15)


On Friday, five young petitioners and their attorney arrived at Gov. Inslee’s office, but before entering the building they were met by a security guard who told them “sorry, but kids aren’t allowed in this building.” For these petitioners, the guard’s words came as no surprise.

Governor Inslee Meets with the Kids Who Sued the State Over Climate Goals (News 7/17/15)

Today, Governor Jay Inslee met with a group of kid climate activists currently suing Washington State over its carbon emissions goals.

Teens Are Suing Their States For Ruining The Planet (MTV News 7/16/15)


The Earth is amazing but it is also a garbage pile mess. Thankfully, teens across the country who want to clean it up are taking matters into their own hands and suing the sh-t out of their states.

Judges Can Save Us From Climate Change, And They've Already Started (Daily KOs 7/6/15)


A new trend is on the horizon. Concerned about the dangers of climate change and the violation of fundamental rights held by citizens, courts are requiring governments to take adequate actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

WA Court Affirms Best Available Climate Science as Basis for Emissions Reduction Goals (Columbia Climate Law Blog 7/13/15)


One year ago, eight young climate activists (ranging from 9 to 14 years old) petitioned Washington State’s Department of Ecology (“the Department”) to adopt and implement stricter greenhouse gas emissions regulations based on the most current and best available climate science. When the Department denied the petition last August, the petitioners sued to appeal the denial.

House amendment sells out water-drinking population for dairy profits (Press Release 7/9/15)


On July 8, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a funding bill amendment introduced by Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) that prohibits the EPA from using the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 to protect drinking water from concentrated animal feeding operation-related manure pollution. The amendment came in response to a precedent-setting 2015 legal decision in which a federal judge in Washington found that improperly managed manure may be regulated under RCRA when it presents an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment.

Youth Petitioners In Washington Climate Case to Meet with Department of Ecology to Discuss Potential Settlement (Press Release 7/8/15)


Seattle, Washington – Eight youth petitioners will meet with the head of the Washington Department of Ecology (“Ecology”) to discuss potential settlement options in their climate change case. On June 23, 2015, in a landmark decision, King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill ordered Ecology to reconsider their climate change petition asking for carbon dioxide reductions based upon best available science.

Update to water quality rules could affect county's farmers (News 7/4/15)


State officials are rewriting water quality rules and the update could change how Snohomish County farmers use manure lagoons.

The Department of Ecology is updating permits it issues for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Those are farms that discharge waste from animals confined for at least 45 days during the year in an area where they cannot graze. They can be dairy, beef, hog or poultry farms.

Multiple Use Forestry in the Anthropocene


WELC attorney Susan Jane Brown wrote an article in the current issue of the Western Forester, a publication by the Society of American Foresters Northwest Office.

Her article is about the new frontier for multiple-use forestry.

Click here to read the publication. This article is on page 12.

Kid ninjas save the world (MSNBC News 7/1/15)


Zoe Foster is 13 years old. She likes going to the beach. When not busy with homework, she also enjoys suing Washington State in King County Superior Court.

The story of Zoe’s lawsuit sounds like a bad movie, something from the same shelf as kid-ninjas save the world: a clique of teenagers, convinced their government is not doing enough to slow global warming, uses the courts to protect their future.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington State.

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