Judge halts Montana's wolverine trapping season


One day before the season was to start, a state district court judge has halted Montana’s wolverine trapping while he prepares to hear arguments why the animal should be protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Judge temporarily halts wolverine trapping


Wolverine trapping, slated to begin on Saturday, is on hold after a Helena judge on Friday granted nine conservation groups’ request for a temporary restraining order.

In a five-page order, Montana District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock said the size of the wolverine population is unclear, with the possibility that only 35 wolverines reside in a three-state area of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Montanans Celebrate Halting of Wolverine Trapping (press release 11.30.12)

Court grants temporary restraining order less than 24 hours before the recreational trapping season opens.

Less than 24 hours before the start of the wolverine trapping season, a Montana District Court in Helena put a halt to the recreational trapping while the underlying case to determine the lawfulness of wolverine trapping in Montana makes its way through court. This is an important step toward protecting wolverine from extinction in the Lower 48. The exceptionally low wolverine population suffers greatly when even one of the rare animals is trapped.

Lower 48’s Last Wolverine Trapping Season Heads to Court

Conservation groups sue to halt wolverine trapping in Montana; separate intent to sue has been filed to protect lynx

While wolverines’ protected status under the Endangered Species Act remains in limbo, Montana’s trapping season is quickly approaching and a coalition of conservation groups is trying to stop trappers from harvesting any wolverines in the state until the species rebounds to a stable population.

Of coal and cows in eastern Montana


WELC is helping ranchers, as well as a group of sportsmen and conservationists, to fight the Rosebud coal mine expansion as public confidence continues to erode

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Lawsuit Filed to Halt Trapping of Rare Wolverine in Montana (press release 10.11.12)


Today, the Western Environmental Law Center, on behalf of eight conservation groups and one individual, filed a lawsuit to halt wolverine trapping in Montana until the species’ population has recovered.

Seeing EPA Limits, Activists Push BLM To Control Methane In Fracking Rules (Inside EPA, 11.18.12)


Environmentalists are petitioning the Department of the Interior (DOI) to revise its pending proposal for oil and gas drilling on federal and tribal lands to set a host of strict emissions controls for cutting releases of the greenhouse gas (GHG) methane, a push that stems in part from EPA's lack of direct methane targets in its recent air rules for the sector.

Obama tightens oil and gas drilling regulations


NEW YORK -- The Obama administration tightened regulations on the oil and gas industry Wednesday, requiring drillers to capture emissions of certain air pollutants from new wells.

Politics, Science and Fiscal Cliffs

Scientists are better than politicians because scientists want to know if they're wrong.

Politicians - and their friends in the timber and cattle industries - don't give a damn. So long as the money rolls in: to them.

I see 5,000 lawsuits a week editing the Courthouse News page - stories of rape, murder, drugs, perversion, official corruption - revolting stuff.

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