Protections for wolverines draw states' opposition



State officials in the Northern Rockies on Monday lined up against a federal proposal to give new protections to the carnivorous wolverine, as climate change threatens to melt the species' snowy mountain strongholds.

A pending U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal would declare the rare, elusive animal a threatened species across the Lower 48 states.

Wildlife Advocates Call For Endangered Species Status for Wolverine (press release 5.1.13)

The US Fish & Wildlife Service’s proposal to give wolverines the less-protective “threatened” status and failure to designate critical habitat ignore the scientific evidence and fall short of what is necessary to avoid extinction

Today, the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) called on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Service) to provide greater protections for the wolverine, the rarest carnivore in the Lower 48. WELC’s comments, signed by 26 conservation groups from across the wolverine’s range in the West, were submitted as part of the public comment process on the Service’s proposed rule to federally protect wolverine under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 

Judge Denies 11th Hour Attempt by Energy Industry Trade Group to Join FOIA Lawsuit in an Effort to Stop BLM from Releasing Names (press release 4.10.13)

Monday, April 15th Marks the Deadline for the BLM to Release Identity of who Nominated North Fork Valley Public Lands for Drilling and Fracking Leases

Late yesterday U.S. District Court Senior Judge Richard P. Matsch denied an 11th hour attempt by Western Energy Alliance, an energy industry trade group, to intervene in an already decided lawsuit that will bring full transparency to the oil and gas leasing process.

Imperiled Canada Lynx Caught in Traps Push the Species Closer to Extinction (press release 3.21.13)

Montana’s regulations allow traps in occupied lynx habitat in violation of the Endangered Species Act

Three conservation organizations today sued the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission and the agency’s director for permitting trapping that kills and injures Canada lynx, a species protected as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. The state permits trapping and snaring in lynx habitat, even though the Act prohibits harm to protected species.

Canada Lynx Edges Closer to Extinction While Feds Drag their Feet (press release 3.14.13)

Thirteen years after being listed as a threatened species, wildlife advocates take action to force a long-awaited recovery plan for Canada Lynx.

The Canada lynx was listed as threatened with extinction under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in March 2000, yet the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has yet to complete the required recovery plan to ensure the survival of the elusive cat. 

Federal Agency Ordered to Reveal Identity of Corporations Seeking to Lease Public Lands for Oil & Gas Drilling (press release 2.14.13)

Court reverses BLM policy of keeping the nominators’ identity secret until after the lease sale

A federal court ruled yesterday that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) policy and practice of keeping secret from the public the identity of entities nominating public lands for oil and gas development is unlawful. 

Nearly Extinct Wolverine On the Road to Recovery (press release 2.1.13)

Providing Endangered Species Act protection for the rare carnivore is applauded.

The wolverine is a ferocious animal. Though weighing no more than 50 pounds, wolverines have been known to challenge grizzly bears and wolves for food, and even kill moose. Despite being one of the toughest animals on the planet, wolverines are on the brink of extinction and struggling to survive.

Montana's Rare Wolverines Granted Stay of Execution (press release 1.07.13)

Court grants motion that ends the 2012-2013 wolverine trapping season.

The recreational wolverine trapping season in Montana will not open this year. Montana District Court Judge Sherlock signed an order today granting a joint motion from the State of Montana and conservation groups to cancel a preliminary injunction hearing scheduled for January 10th and keep the temporary restraining order in place, which effectively ends the 2012-2013 wolverine trapping season.

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