WELC Victory! Court denies attempt by Gov. Martinez and PNM to stall pollution controls for coal-burning plant (press release 3.01.12)


A federal court ruled today that PNM must comply with a decision last fall requiring the utility to install pollution controls to significantly cut the 16,000 tons a year of harmful haze-, ozone-, and fine particle-producing nitrogen pollution that pours from the smokestacks each year at the San Juan Generating Station near Farmington, N.M.

Public Hearing - Help Us Protect Colorado's North Fork Valley


If you're near Colorado's beautiful Delta County on the western slope, come join us Saturday, January 28, at a public hearing to voice concerns over a proposed 30,000 acre oil & gas drilling plan.

Click here for more information on the Public Hearing.

Oil-and-gas lease proposal upsets residents in North Fork Valley


Great coverage on our project working with Colorado's North Fork Valley community to fight a natural gas drilling development. 

Environmental groups join San Juan Generating Station appeal


Environmental groups on Tuesday filed a motion to intervene in a case challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ruling that San Juan Generating Station must install new pollution control technology.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver approved the motion to intervene, so the environmental groups will be able to present their position to the court.

Chama Peak Landowner Alliance

Western Environmental Law Center has helped launch the Chama Peak Landowner Alliance, a group of conservation-minded private landowners that are committing to reach across traditional property boundaries to address common land management issues.

The Chama Peak area in the San Juan Mountains on the northern New Mexico and southern Colorado border offers exceptional scenery, a rich cultural heritage, and a biologically diverse natural landscape.  It provides critical ecosystem services and serves as a foundation for economic stability.

Feds propose more critical habitat for flycatcher


Great news for the endangered SW willow flycatcher! In response to WELC's lawsuit, FWS proposed to increase critical habitat for the tiny bird from the original plan of 730 river miles to 2,090 river miles. Now, habitat necessary for the flycatcher’s recovery will be shaped by science, not politics.

Click here to read the news article.

New York Firm Wins First International Design Competition to Create the Next Generation Wildlife Crossing

Winning Design is Cost-Effective and Enables Humans and Wildlife to Better Coexist

The ARC Competition Wildlife Crossing Structure Design Competition has a winner. WELC has been an instrumental partner in the first-ever North American competition to design cost-effective wildlife crossing structures of the future while also reconnecting habitat for wildlife.  See the winning entry here. 


Building a Better Crosswalk -- for Moose, Bear and Elk


"That was our first realization in the Southern Rockies that not only are wolves coming back, they are traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles and I-70 was what stopped her," said WELC's Monique DiGiorgio.


The Colorado Division of Wildlife has a special moniker for Interstate 70, the 133-mile freeway bisecting the state and cutting a motor vehicle thruway across the Rocky Mountains.

"I-70 was pretty much a Berlin Wall for wildlife in many places," said Bill Andree, a state district wildlife manager.

Recreation Groups Argue For New Law Before Ninth Circuit


The extent to which nonfederal parties can participate in environmental litigation is now under review by an en banc panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals following a case argued on December 13, 2010.  Read the full article.

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