Climate & Energy

Our world is warming, with dire consequences to the American West’s communities, lands, rivers, and wildlife.

Field-burning ban takes off

The state’s new legislation to end the practice has some leeway for farmers facing extreme hardship

Field burning smoke in the southern Willamette Valley this summer will be a wisp compared with every previous year for the past half-century, during which thick black plumes and a gray ground-level haze typically marred many a summer day.

Reducing Risk of Climate Change from BLM actions

The threat of global warming and climate change presents us with a defining moment. We believe that the federal stewards of our public lands – the U.S. Bureau of Land Management – are part of this defining moment. We’ve taken action to ensure that BLM addresses the significant emissions of greenhouse gases from oil and gas leasing and development, reduces these emissions by implementing proven, cost-effective measures, and ensures the resiliency our wildlands in the face of climate change impacts.

Drilling the Climate (press release)

Colorado Oil and Gas Auction to Fuel Global Warming, BLM Ignoring its Responsibility to Protect Colorado’s Climate

A coalition of local, regional, and national citizens groups today challenged the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s decision to open up more than 174,000 acres of Colorado to oil and gas drilling without taking action to protect Colorado’s climate. Despite the growing dangers of climate change to Colorado, the agency is ignoring the natural gas industry’s global warming pollution as it feverishly promotes a runaway drilling boom.

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