[2:38 PM] Erik Schlenker-Goodrich How's this for a public statement from me: "The Supreme Court's right-wing majority in Loper Bright v. Raimondo is a textbook example of judicial hubris. With the stroke of a pen and little respect for long-settled, 40-year old precedent, the majority struck down Chevron v. NRDC, a case that stood for the sensible proposition that agency experts subject to an elected president -- not unelected courts -- should be the ones to decide how laws should be faithfully executed. Combined with the the majority's radical prior term decisions, such as West Virginia v. EPA in 2022 and Sackett v. EPA in 2023, the right-wing majority has severely eroded the power of the federal government to protect the public interest across a vast array of arenas including climate action, wildlife and water protection, air pollution and public health, and worker safety. These are not conservative judicial decisions. They are reckless, radical actions that channel a growing, right-wing billionaire ideology that elevates profit and power over democracy and the public interest. But know this: This fight has just begun and we will fiercely hold the line against this judicial extremism."

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