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WELC statement on NM SB520: The Clean Future Act

As the New Mexico legislation enters its final days, we applaud Senate President Pro Tempore Mimi Stewart for her introduction of SB520, the Clean Future Act. This bill—though modest and yet still facing an uphill battle in the legislature—would nonetheless prove a...

Jenna M.A. Kloeppel joins WELC staff as development director

The Western Environmental Law Center, a nonprofit public-interest environmental law firm, is proud to announce Jenna M.A. Kloeppel as its new development director. Jenna comes to WELC with 10 years of experience in fundraising and sales in the arts. She has worked for...

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📢📢@antonioguterres calls for ceasing all new oil & gas as condition for his climate summit.

If US leaders can't make a serious commitment to phasing out fossil fuels, they risk having the door to climate diplomacy shut in their faces.

This work is necessary for public safety and health, and is a good thing.

We'll ask you this, though: Who should be paying for it? The taxpayer? The industry that caused the issue and is reaping the largest profits in its history? It is the latter, and bonding is how to fix it.

AP Climate @AP_Climate

State and US officials tout spending to plug ‘orphan wells’.

New Mexico House passes SB53, stopping Holtec from making NM the nation's nuclear dump, passes 38-25!!!!!!!!!
Thank you SO much to sponsors @jeff4nm @mcqueenfornm and @SarinanaDebbie

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