Today, the Inslee administration released its Regla de aire limpio revisada that defies an unprecedented May 16, 2016 mandato judicial issued by King County Superior Court Judge Hollis R. Hill, and fails the children of Washington. Judge Hill ordered the state to adopt a rule “to limit greenhouse gas emissions in Washington” by the end of the year.

The proposed Clean Air Rule, however, is based on outdated emissions data and only requires emissions reductions of a mere 1.7 percent annually, completely disregarding current science that would put Washington on a path toward climate stability.

Further, loopholes in the proposed rule may actually foster an increase in greenhouse gas emissions within the state. For example, a third of instate emissions are not even covered under the proposed rule. Also, Washington polluters may obtain emission reductions from out-of-state emissions market programs and certain sectors (imported petroleum) don’t have to reduce emissions for several years.

“We are extremely disappointed with Ecology’s revised Clean Air Rule,” said Andrea Rodgers, the Western Environmental Law Center attorney representing the youths in their lawsuit against the state. “This doesn’t even come close to fulfilling Ecology’s legal responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of young people in this state. The youths will participate in the rule making process and will continue to hold Ecology accountable for complying with the law.”

Inslee ignored the youths’ requests to meet with him to discuss the state’s responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of young people in Washington.

“Emission reductions of only 1.7 percent per year are not much different than business as usual,” said Dr. James Hansen, director of the Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions program at Columbia University. “They would leave young people with an intolerable burden to somehow suck enormous quantities of CO2 from the air if they are to avoid a climate system running out of control. The state should live up its obligations to young people, reducing emissions 8 percent per year, which is what the science indicates is needed to stabilize climate.”

“All developed nations and states should be doing no less than the global average emission reductions required to return to a safe level of 350 ppm by 2100,” said Julia Olson, executive director and chief legal counsel at Our Children’s Trust. “In fact, those who have caused the lion’s share of the problem and have the wealth to transition more quickly, should be declining at a more rapid pace.”

The young plaintiffs, who are all members of Plant for the Planet Academy, are asking their supporters to enviar un comentario público on the proposed rule to let the Inslee administration know that paltry 1.7 percent emission reductions aren’t based on science or reason.

Este caso es uno de varios casos estatales, federales e internacionales similares, todos respaldados por Our Children's Trust, que buscan el derecho legal a una atmósfera saludable y un clima estable.

Andrea Rodgers, Centro de Derecho Ambiental Occidental, 206-696-2851, Julia Olson, directora ejecutiva de Our Children's Trust, 415-786-4825, Para programar entrevistas con demandantes jóvenes, comuníquese con Meg Ward, 503-341-8590, 

El fideicomiso de nuestros hijos es una organización sin fines de lucro, elevando la voz de la juventud, aquellos que tienen más que perder, para asegurar el derecho legal a una atmósfera sana y un clima estable en nombre de las generaciones presentes y futuras. Lideramos una campaña global de derechos humanos y justicia ambiental para implementar Planes de Recuperación Climática basados en la ciencia y que se puedan hacer cumplir que devolverán la concentración de dióxido de carbono atmosférico a niveles inferiores a 350 ppm. www.ourchildrenstrust.org

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Planta-para-el-Planeta connects children around the world as Ambassadors for Climate Justice, planting trees, educating the public, influencing decision makers, and now going to court with expert legal guidance. Children inspire children at Academies, free one-day workshops where children ages 8-14 find their voice speaking out for their future and taking action to create a better world. http://www.plant-for-the-planet.org


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