“Representatives in EMNRD and bill sponsors Rep. Ortez and Rep. McQueen deserve kudos for running such an inclusive process with nearly 50 stakeholders to develop HB 133 into an eminently reasonable bill that would create a more just oil and gas program in the state,” said Tannis Fox, senior attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center. “We support this bill,” said Fox. “But make no mistake, oil and gas lobbyists and their legislator friends are actively trying to kill or weaken this bill in the hustle and bustle of a short legislative session. They’ve put corporate profits over the interests of New Mexicans who have suffered serious public health burdens from oil and gas pollution and harm to their lands and waters. The least they can do is provide assurances that they’ll clean up their mess without burdening taxpayers and be a good neighbor to people and communities. The time for action is now.”

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