Fighting Coal

Coal has powered the U.S. for decades, but it’s time to move beyond coal to a new generation of clean, renewable, carbon-free energy sources and technologies. Such action is critical for a simple reason: the mining and burning of coal is simply not compatible with the health and well being of humanity or the planet.

We play an active role in speeding the American West’s transition from dirty coal to the responsible use of clean energy from the sun and wind. Our goals are to retire coal-fired power plants and mines as soon as possible to protect our climate, facilitate a transition to the responsible and efficient use of clean energy, and prevent the export of the West’s coal.

We’re doing this by targeting coal mines, coal-fired power plants, and other coal infrastructure, holding them accountable for the social harms that, for too long, have been borne by the people and places of the American West. We’re also working to create opportunities for clean energy, ensuring that when coal mines and coal-fired power plants are closed, we’re taking care to spark a new, more durable energy foundation for the American West and its lands, people, and economy.

Get Involved

Thank you for wanting to take action to safeguard the wildlife, wildlands, and communities of the American West. We have a variety of petitions available that you can sign to make a difference in protecting the West’s treasured landscapes, iconic wildlife, and rural communities.

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