Southern Rockies Regional Resilience

Southern Rockies Regional Resilience

WELC is dedicated to place-based environmental advocacy. We live in Taos and Santa Fe; and as people who find inspiration in our natural surroundings, we love exploring Greater Chaco, the Valle Vidal, the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Colorado’s Front Range, the Santa Fe National Forest, Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, and the lesser-traveled corners of the wild southwest.

We partner not only with big, national environmental groups, but local and regional groups as well. We’re proud to call the San Juan Citizens Alliance, the Western Organization of Resource Councils, the Center for Biological Diversity, HECHO, Western Colorado Congress, Tribal groups and governments, and many more our clients, partners, and friends.

We’re in court to protect native communities and their cultural resources in the Four Corners’ Greater Chaco region from unstudied fracking–a primary contributor to the largest methane hot spot in the nation. Our efforts were instrumental in protecting the Carson National Forest’s Valle Vidal from fossil fuel development forever. We’re also working to protect the Santa Fe National Forest from fracking. We have a long history of promoting Mexican wolf recovery in the Southwest, and we’re engaged behind the scenes to safeguard wetland jewels in the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests.

Learn more about how our individual projects are advancing resilience in the communities and special places of the Southern Rockies below.