Northern Rockies Regional Resilience

Northern Rockies Regional Resilience

WELC is dedicated to place-based environmental advocacy. We live in Helena, Lafayette, and Coeur d’Alene; and as people who find inspiration in our natural surroundings, we spend our time exploring Yellowstone, the Powder River Basin, the Colorado River Valley, the San Juan Basin, and the lesser-traveled corners of the wild Intermountain West.

We partner not only with big, national environmental groups, but local and regional groups as well. We’re proud to call the Chama Peak Land Alliance, Conservation Colorado, WildEarth Guardians, the Montana Environmental Information Center, Rocky Mountain Wild, Tribal groups and governments, and many more our clients, partners, and friends. Together, we can build power and trust by engaging in a broad suite of community-relevant issues, not just traditional conservation issues.

To protect Montana’s precious groundwater, we fought the “exempt well loophole,” which allowed developers to use many millions of gallons of water without any permits. To protect wildlife, landscape health, and our climate by keeping 170 million tons of coal in the ground, we’re fighting the Bull Mountains/Signal Peak Mine expansion. And we work hard to protect Montana’s iconic predator animals–including Canada lynx, grizzly bears, and wolverine–that are so crucial to ecosystem balance in the Northern Rockies.

Learn more about how our individual projects are advancing resilience in the communities and special places of the Northern Rockies below.