Regional Resilience

The Western Environmental Law Center is leveraging the concept of resilience—the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and to reorganize while retaining essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks—through expanded, urgently needed legal advocacy designed to achieve our vision:

A western U.S. with thriving, resilient wildlands, waters, and wildlife; a region powered by clean, renewable energy; and communities that are rooted in an ethic of conservation.

Focused on federal public lands, we seek to dramatically reduce climate pollution, to transition away from fossil fuels, and to shield ecological and community systems to withstand climate impacts. By accounting for both ecological and community systems, we seek to cultivate social infrastructure that binds public lands and communities together; to promote effective legal governance of that social infrastructure to address climate change; and to safeguard goods and services—such as clean air and water—provided to communities by resilient public lands.

Regional Resilience Campaigns

Photo credits: PN by Brizz Meddings, NR by Megan Culbertson, SR by BLM.

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