VICTORY! Keeping Crater Lake Wild

The Forest Service has for years pursued a roughly 1,300-acre logging project near Crater Lake called the Loafer Timber Project. This would negatively impact the Crater Lake ecosystem, widespread recreational use of the area (including Umpqua Hot Springs and the very popular North Umpqua Trail), and northern spotted owls. The project would also build a road through the middle of two important roadless areas, the Dread and Terror and Thorn Prairie Roadless Areas. These are used frequently by backpackers and are part of the proposed Crater Lake Wilderness area, which would be halted if these roads were built.

We cherish Crater Lake for its natural beauty and unique biodiversity. We sued first in 2013, causing the Forest Service to withdraw the project. The agency reintroduced it in 2016 and we sued again. The Loafer Timber Sale would threaten everything that makes the Crater Lake area such a special place. In early 2017, we obtained a preliminary ruling in our favor stating that the Forest Service violated the law in authorizing the Loafer timber sale project. We continue to work to ensure that these important parts of the Crater Lake wilderness proposal are protected from ill-advised logging and road construction.

Take Action for Crater Lake

The U.S. Forest Service wants to log on 1,400 acres in Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest. This includes critical habitat for threatened northern spotted owls and 500 acres of old-growth forest that is part of the proposed Crater Lake Wilderness.

STOP the Loafer Timber Sale!