Jordan Cove LNG Terminal & Pacific Connector Pipeline

WELC has worked against the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Oregon for 12 years. We achieved a huge victory in 2016 when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied the developers’ application, determining that the public benefits of the project are too few to outweigh its costs. This was the first and only time FERC denied an application for an LNG terminal.

But now, Veresen has filed a new application, hoping that a new pro-fossil fuel administration in Washington D.C. will overlook the project’s flaws. This Canadian company’s proposed pipeline would bring fracked gas from the Intermountain West to the Oregon coast where it would be exported to Asia, with Oregonians assuming the risk. The 200+ mile pipeline would clear cut a corridor at least 50 feet wide across rivers and national forests, impacting riparian reserves, old growth groves, and recreational trails (including a crossing of the Pacific Crest Trail). Endangered and threatened fish species such as Chinook salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, pacific lamprey, river lamprey, and green sturgeon would all be impacted. If built, it would be the largest greenhouse gas emitting facility in Oregon.

We’re gearing up to stop it yet again.


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