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Thank you for wanting to take action to safeguard the wildlife, wildlands, and communities of the American West. We have a variety of petitions available that you can sign to make a difference in protecting the West’s treasured landscapes, iconic wildlife, and rural communities. Please read below and click on the links to take action for what matters most to you.

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Stop Bobcat and Wolf Fur Export: Sign this petition

We want President Obama to publicly review the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s export program, which facilitates the export of thousands of bobcat and wolf pelts each year, and continues to operate without environmental oversight. To date, the Service has refused to carefully consider the environmental impacts of not only the bobcat and wolf pelt export, but the effect on other animals that are also caught and killed in traps. 

Help Protect Gray Wolves from Being Killed by Wildlife Services: Sign this petition

Wildlife Services is a standalone federal extermination program run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that kills roughly 4 million animals per year. We filed a lawsuit challenging its authority to shoot and kill the 110 gray wolves remaining in Oregon. Please join us in condemning the shameful killings of Wildlife Services and demanding that it be held accountable to the law. 


Prevent Grizzly Bears from Losing Endangered Species Act Protection: Sign this petition

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to strip grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of their Endangered Species Act protection. If delisted, grizzlies in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming would face being hunted and killed for the first time in 40 years. Grizzlies are iconic wildlife in the American West critical to the health of the West’s ecosystems.


Help Protect Mexican Gray Wolves - only 97 are left in the wild: Sign this petition

Once common in the Southwestern U.S., the Mexican gray wolf now barely clings to survival in Arizona and New Mexico. This year, the federal government issued new rules that put Mexican gray wolf recovery in jeopardy. Help us send a message that Mexican gray wolves need to be protected.



Stop the Forest Service from Logging Threatened Lynx Habitat: Sign this petition

Canada lynx once ranged from Alaska to New Mexico. They have been decimated in the continental U.S. by trapping and logging and are now listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Yet the Forest Service is authorizing a 12,000-acre logging project in Colorado where lynx are known to live. Please sign this petition to help protect these imperiled lynx from being harmed by reckless logging.




Save the Greater Chaco Canyon Region from Fracking: Sign this petition

We are litigating to stop the Bureau of Land Management's approval of a surge of new fracking permits in the Greater Chaco region of New Mexico. Home to Chaco Canyon, extensive Ancestral Pueblo ruins, and Navajo communities, these public lands are considered the cultural heart of the American Southwest. Help us send a message to the BLM that they need to safeguard our water, climate, public health, and cultural heritage sites.


Stop greenhouse gas pollution from our public lands: Sign this petition

Join us in calling on the Bureau of Land Management to require that oil and gas companies reduce the methane released into our atmosphere. Every year, oil and gas companies knowingly waste enough natural gas through leaks, venting, and flaring to meet the heating and cooking needs of over 5 million American homes. Recapturing methane on our public lands would be a triple win for our economy, our environment, and the health of our communities.


Tell President Obama not to double down on coal in the Four Corners: Sign this petition

Allowing the coal-fired Four Corners Power Plant to stay open another quarter century would slow our needed transition to renewables and unnecessarily pollute New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah's air, land, and water. We expect better, and that's why we're in court to defend the Obama administration's perplexing decision to allow the Four Corners Power Plant to continue polluting our world for 25 more years. Help us voice our opposition to this step backward.



Thank you for taking action on behalf of the American West!



Photos credits: wildlife.ohiodnr.gov, iStockPhoto.com/JohnPitcher, Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith, Mark Dumont, Keith Williams, Steve Corbato, Kristian Dela Cour, Jared Blumenfeld.