Environmentalists Challenge More Bush Administration Political Interference in Endangered Species Decisions


The Center for Biological Diversity today filed five separate lawsuits concerning Bush Administration political interference in designation of critical habitat for six western species, including the western snowy plover, California tiger salamander, southwestern willow flycatcher, Buena Vista Lake shrew and two California plants. The lawsuits represent the latest action in a campaign by the Center to reverse politically tainted decisions concerning dozens of endangered species.

Ensuring Responsible Energy Development in the Sagebrush Sea of the Powder River Basin

The Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming holds important energy and wildlife resources (in particular wildlife habitat within the Sagebrush Sea). To harmonize those resources, we’re pushing the Bureau of Land Management to protect the Basin’s wildlife resources by adopting a phased development management regime to protect core habitat and control the timing and location of development, preparing a comprehensive environmental analysis, and preventing unacceptable degradation.

Ensuring the Public's Right to Know - Pesticide Reform

In a long campaign with Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides the Western Environmental Law Center has sought full disclosure of active and inert ingredients in pesticides to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Challenge to Bush Administration Foot-Dragging on Species Protection

The Bush administration has been using a legal loophole in the Endangered Species Act (the “warranted but precluded” clause) to delay listing of hundreds of species which it has acknowledged need protection, effectively allowing these species and their habitat to spiral downhill towards extinction.  In a case lead by Meyer & Glitzenstein, the Western Environmental Law Center is helping to represent a coalition of conservation groups trying to undue this bureaucratic logjam to allow these species and their habitats to get the protections they deserve.

Challenging the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Failure to Prepare a Recovery Plan for the threatened Canada Lynx

The Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Canada lynx (Lynx Canadensis) as a Threatened species in the lower 48 United States in 2000 and has yet to prepare a Recovery Plan to direct management efforts and ensure the species survival.

Safeguarding Wyoming Skies from Irresponsible Liquid Coal Production

Coal to liquid plants promise the public unending power but, in fact, will deliver unending pollution in the form of hazardous air emissions, acid rain, smog, and potent climate forcing pollution.

Participating in the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

WELC is a member of the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC), a group of more than 70 western and national non-profit, public, and private organizations. RVCC includes rural community advocates, environmentalists, business owners, federal and state land managers, and researchers working to address common issues surrounding public forest management.

Conservationists’ Win Upheld in Nat’l Cotton Council v. EPA

6th Circuit denies pesticide industry’s request for rehearing

The 6th Circuit today issued an order denying the pesticide industry’s petition for rehearing in National Cotton Council v. EPA, No. 06-4630. The order effectively upholds the Court’s earlier finding that pesticide residuals and biological pesticides constitute pollutants under the Clean Water Act.

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