New Mexico

Groups Call for Fracking Moratorium in Four Corners (press release, 10.28.14)

Feds Approving Oil Drilling at Expense of Public Health, Cultural Treasures, Safe Climate

A coalition of local and regional watchdog groups late yesterday demanded the U.S. Bureau of Land Management put the brakes on fracking in northwestern New Mexico until the agency can safeguard the climate, clean air and water, and the region’s cultural heritage.

Resource Protection and Quiet Prevail in National Forest (press release 10.22.14)

Seven Years In The Making, Gila's Motorized Travel Plan Survives Multiple Challenges

Roads and motorized trails in the Gila National Forest will be better aligned with budgets and environmental concerns after a landmark decision on motorized travel withstood numerous challenges. With a significant reduction in roads and motorized trails, the limited budgets available for maintenance will go farther and wildlife habitat and water quality will improve.

Plan to Lease Santa Fe National Forest for Oil and Gas Drilling Risks Community Health and Cultural Resources (press release 10.20.14)

Litigation Prepared to Challenge Illegal 20,000 Acre Public Lands Lease

A broad coalition of local and national conservation groups announced plans to sue the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”), if the agency proceeds with the sale of 13 parcels (almost 20,000 acres of public lands) in the Santa Fe National Forest for oil and gas fracking.

Hunters and Conservationists Join Forces to Protect Imperiled Wolverines (press release 10.20.14)

Suit Challenges Feds’ Failure to Protect Rare Carnivore from Extinction

Today, a unique coalition of conservationists, animal welfare activists, hunters, anglers, and an ecologist sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) in U.S. District Court of Montana for refusing to protect rare wolverines from extinction under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Fewer than 300 wolverines remain in the contiguous United States.

Federal Court Decision Upholds Protections in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest (press release 7.25.14)

Conservation Groups Successfully Defend Limits on Off-road Vehicle Use

Conservation groups are praising a federal court ruling today upholding a June 2012 decision by the Santa Fe National Forest supervisor that protected more than 400,000 acres from cross-country motorized use within the forest. WildEarth Guardians, the Center for Biological Diversity and Sierra Club intervened in a legal challenge to the travel plan brought by the New Mexico Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance. The conservation groups were represented in court by the Western Environmental Law Center.

Deeply Flawed Draft Impact Study of Four Corners Coal Complex Should Send Interior Back to Drawing Board (press release 6.27.14)

Cataloging huge deficiencies, groups ask Feds to re-do it “without the blinders on” and properly assess transition options, health, climate, environmental justice

This week, local community, regional and national environmental groups revealed significant flaws in the Department of the Interior’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Four Corners Power Plant and Navajo Mine Energy Project located on Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico.  The proposed action in the DEIS would allow the 52–year-old Four Corners Power Plant and Navajo Mine coal complex to continue operations from 2016-2041.

Drilling encroaches on O’Keeffe’s ‘Black Place’ (Santa Fe New Mexican 6/22/14)


Sixty million years ago, New Mexico’s San Juan Basin east of Nageezi was a tropical forest with magnolias and fig trees. The rivers were full of fish, and mammals roamed the dry lands. Ash spewing out of nearby volcanoes spread over the land, laying down a layer of slippery black clay.

Court Acts Swiftly to Aid Rare Canada Lynx (press release 5.9.14)

Wildlife advocates’ win forces federal government to prepare long overdue recovery plan for threatened Canada Lynx.

In a critical win for the rare and elusive Canada lynx, a federal court in Montana found that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 14-year delay in preparing a recovery plan for this threatened species was “unreasonable” and ordered a firm deadline for completing the federally mandated roadmap for recovery. 

Wildlife Groups Seek to Protect Endangered Jaguar’s Critical Habitat (press release 4.7.14)


The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and WildEarth Guardians (Guardians) have notified the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program of their intent to sue over the program’s failure to ensure that its activities do not harm rare and endangered jaguars or their critical habitat in violation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) sent the required 60-day notice on behalf of AWI and Guardians. 

White House strategy to cut methane takes aim at oil industry (Fuel Fix 3.28.14)


WASHINGTON — The White House on Friday unveiled a broad strategy for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, including regulations clamping down on methane tied to oil and gas development.

The Obama administration’s new inter-agency methane strategy combines a mix of new and previously announced steps to rein in the short-lived but potent greenhouse gas released from landfills, oil wells, dairy farms and coal mining.

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