Conservationists’ Win Upheld in Nat’l Cotton Council v. EPA

6th Circuit denies pesticide industry’s request for rehearing

The 6th Circuit today issued an order denying the pesticide industry’s petition for rehearing in National Cotton Council v. EPA, No. 06-4630. The order effectively upholds the Court’s earlier finding that pesticide residuals and biological pesticides constitute pollutants under the Clean Water Act.

Coalition Challenges EPA Over Pollution from Ships, Aircraft and Non-road Engines

EPA fails to regulate major sources of global warming pollution

Washington, D.C. - A day after the US Senate voted to uphold the US Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases, a coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit today challenging EPA’s failure to address such pollution from ocean-going ships, aircraft and nonroad vehicles and engines used in industrial operations.

Nevada Supreme Court Ruling Protects Water Rights of Rural Citizens in the Great Basin

On January 28, 2010 the Nevada Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision holding unlawful the State Engineer’s decision to delay and postpone – for nearly 16 years – hearings on the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) water applications to pump massive amounts of water in rural Nevada to supply water-hungry Las Vegas.

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