Mexican Gray Wolf

The Western Environmental Law Center has fought to protect the Mexican wolf for decades: playing a key role in the initial reintroduction effort. We successfully challenged an overzealous agency policy of lethally removing wolves from the wild following depredations on livestock, and continue to defend the reintroduction program against industry legal challenges.

Our goal is to achieve full recovery of these wolves in the wild. We are working to preserve the victories we accomplished and are partnering with a coalition of Mexican wolf advocates to realize this goal.

The Mexican gray wolf, or “lobo,” is the smallest of North American gray wolves and the southernmost subspecies of what was historically the widest ranging of North American mammals. The current population is about 97 wolves in the wild.

The Mexican gray wolf historically ranged in deserts, forests, and grasslands throughout much of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas southward into large portions of northern and central Mexico. By the 1970s, they had been all but eliminated from the wild.

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