Canada Lynx

WELC is committed to helping this majestic cat thrive in the wild throughout the southern and northern Rocky Mountains.

Canada lynx once ranged from Alaska to New Mexico, but due to a declining population were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 2000. In order to survive and recover in the wild, lynx need room to roam. The biggest threat to lynx is habitat loss and fragmentation.

Lynx also depend on a stable climate to sustain their primary food source: snowshoe hare. Lynx are seldom seen, but they can live close to people, and suffer from hunting, trapping, and the dangers of roadways.

We are protecting occupied lynx habitat and travel corridors, pushing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to adopt and implement an adequate recovery plan, and ensuring that the U.S. Forest Service complies with the important forest protection designed to conserve lynx in the northern Rockies.

Human Readable Name


Colorado Forest Planning (CO)
Ensuring Public and Environmental Review for Federal Fur Export Program (Nation)
Protecting Canada Lynx in Washington State (WA)
Protecting lynx habitat in the Rio Grande National Forest (CO)
Protecting San Isabel National Forest Wolverine and Lynx from Habitat Destruction (CO)
Victory! Canada Lynx Critical Habitat Designation (Nation)
Victory! Lynx Trapping Challenge (ID)
Victory! Lynx Trapping Challenge (MT)