Clean Free-Flowing Rivers

We focus on protecting and restoring rivers and watersheds that provide unique values in the West, including supporting wild salmon runs, providing clean drinking water, and supporting community recreation.

Our objective is to protect and restore clean free-flowing rivers by advocating for removing dams, ending damaging instream and riparian activities, and ensuring adequate flow.

Human Readable Name


Protecting Critical Habitat for Threatened Bull Trout on the Payette (ID)
Protecting Healthy Flows in the Spokane River (WA)
Protecting Puget Sound Chinook Salmon, Bull Trout, and Steelhead (WA)
Protecting the Colorado River Valley From Fossil Fuel Development (CO)
Restoring the Similkameen River by Removing Enloe Dam (WA)
Smith River ORV Plan Challenge (CA)
Victory! Protecting Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers from Mining (OR, CA)
Victory! Protecting Wild Coho Salmon from Suction Dredge Mining in the Rogue River Basin (OR)
Victory! Rosebud Coal Mine Clean Water Act Challenge (MT)
Victory! North Fork Valley Oil & Gas Challenge (CO)