Reforming Oil & Gas Operations

We are working to ensure oil and gas development in the American West does not undermine our transition to renewable energy, to protect wildlands and communities threatened with oil and gas leasing and drilling, and to reduce methane pollution and waste.

Conservationists push for protection of cultural sites around Chaco park (Farmington Daily Times 6/28/15)


Paul Reed, a preservation archaeologist with Tucson-based Archaeology Southwest and a Chaco scholar, led tribal members of the Acoma Historic Preservation Office and others to Chaco Culture National Historical Park and the park's outlying areas last week to raise awareness of the impacts of oil and gas development on the World Heritage site.

Since spring, Reed has taken groups of concerned people on tours of the park and surrounding areas to spotlight the changing landscape and promote the area's cultural and archeological value.

Why is there a huge methane hotspot in the American Southwest? (PBS News Hour 6/3/15)

A team of scientists scrambles to better understand a gigantic cloud of methane looming over the Four Corners region of the U.S. Southwest. This single cloud is believed to comprise nearly 10 percent of all methane emissions derived from natural gas in the United States. But its origins remain a mystery.

The Four Corners region of the southwest United States is a magnificent, otherworldly place, marked by red rock vistas, ancient cliff dwellings and sweeping blue sky. The names alone paint a picture of the landscape: The Painted Desert. The Petrified Forest. Monument Valley.

LNG opponents urge Gov. Brown to take a leadership role on controversial gas export terminals (Portland Oregonian 5/27/15)


In the decade-long fight over proposals to build liquefied natural gas terminals in Oregon, the state leader who has said the least may now matter most:

Gov. Kate Brown.

Oregon rancher refuses to allow natural gas pipeline on property (Portland Business Journal 5/26/15)


Bill Gow is a retired iron worker who began buying land in Douglas County near Coos Bay for Gow Ranch in the late 1980s.

Today, he raises beef as well as timber on a 2,000-acre ranch that supports both he and his family.

But Gow feels under siege.

LNG pipeline protest draws hundreds from around Oregon (Salem Statesman Journal (5/27/15)


Hundreds of people rallied at the Oregon Capitol on Tuesday, calling on Gov. Kate Brown to block two proposed liquefied natural gas, or LNG, export terminals in the state.

"This is an assault not just on the environment, but an assault on democracy," speaker Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the crowd. "It just is a bad deal all around."

Kennedy is president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a national coalition of local groups advocating for clean water.

Environmental groups sue BLM over horizontal drilling near Chaco Culture National Historical Park (News 5/12/15)

Industry says activity is safe and current restrictions are adequate

A coalition of environmental groups have asked a federal judge to stop oil and gas production near Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

The groups sought an injunction on Monday against the Bureau of Land Management's permitting of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling activity near Chaco.

The suit, which names the BLM and the U.S. Interior Department as defendants, argues that the federal government is putting the environment, public health and the region's cultural resources at risk.

Conservation groups seek ban on new fracking around Chaco Canyon (News 5/12/15)

More fracking threatens public health, historic treasures

Oil and gas drilling in the vicinity of the treasured Chaco Culture National Historical Park poses an imminent risk to irreplaceable resources, conservation groups said as the moved to block the federal government from approving any more permits.

Continued drilling threatens public health, clean air and water, and Navajo communities in the region, the groups said as they called on a federal judge to issue an injunction on oil and gas development in the Greater Chaco region.

Groups Seek to Stop Unstudied Chaco Fracking (Press Release 5/11/15)

Motion Filed to Halt Drilling Approvals as Feds Turn Back on Health and Environment

Moving to defend culture, climate and communities, a coalition today moved to put a stop to new fracking approvals in the Greater Chaco Region of northwestern New Mexico.

Citing threats to public health, clean air and water, and Navajo communities in the region, the coalition called on a federal judge to issue an injunction on oil and gas development in the Greater Chaco region in light of the Bureau of Land Management’s illegal approval of hundreds of drilling permits.

Fighting Fossils, Letting Go of Regulatory Law (News 4/28/15)

Oregon county embraces a community rights approach to challenge local liquefied natural gas terminal

US fossil fuel exports are on the rise. The fall in global oil prices has bolstered already determined efforts to lift the 1975 ban on US crude oil exports. And as hydrofracking operations continue to expand, the industry is scrambling for regulatory approval to build a network of pipelines and terminals to transport natural gas around the country and worldwide.

On a methane mystery tour in the Four Corners region (High Country News 4/20/15)

Scientists, planes and instruments descend on San Juan Basin to find roots of the massive greenhouse gas hotspot.

When you get a bunch of scientists together on a Friday morning to talk about hyperspectral imaging, isotopes and teragrams, you probably don’t expect a big turnout. Yet on April 17, some 200 people crowded a classroom at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico, to hear scientists do just that. Okay, the crowds were not there for the technical stuff, per se, but to hear about the current effort to unravel the mysteries of the now notorious Four Corners Methane Hotspot, a massive concentration of potent greenhouse gas detected by a satellite between 2003 and 2009.

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